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November 2013
Cosmetology Legislative Update! Governor Haley’s Regulatory Review Task Force has finished their report. They have included several recommendations for the Cosmetology board/profession. You can see on the report (link below, pages 15 & 16) exactly what changes were recommended for the Cosmetology Board. None of these recommended changes will be enacted without further legislation being introduced. If, and when, that legislation is introduced we will be sure to let you know! http://sccommerce.com/sites/default/files/all/rrtf_final.pdf

September 2013
The SC Board, public and LLR have been discussing many issues that would change the landscape of your professional licensure. This document covers some of those issues and the recommendations by the Board and LLR. The All Industry Council, comprised of respresentatives from various state associations, has reviewed the issues and provided responses for these concerns. The issues and All Industry responses are included in this document for your review. Nothing has been officially introduced yet - we simply want to make sure you are aware of the issues being discussed behind the scenes.
Original document outlining the issues
All Industry Response to recommendations