Online Continuing Education - Cosmetology and Nails

ACSP online classes are approved for 2019. We currently have one 6 hour Hair class available for Registered Cosmetologists and one 6 hour Nail Class available for Nail Technicians. We do not yet have online classes for Estheticians. The cost for a 6 hour course is $95 - for ACSP members and non-members.

You can complete this online class anytime. Once complete, generally providers have up to 10 days to submit your hours to USC for processing. USC then has UP TO 5 business days to process your hours. Hours are then uploaded to LLR by USC after processing.

  • You may only take online classes for 6 of your 12 renewal hours
  • You must take all 6 hours with the same online provider
  • You can only take online classes with those online providers approved by the SC State Board of Cosmetology
  • All ACSP online classes will be submitted to USC for processing and you will receive a certificate from them — the same as you do for classroom classes.
  • If you register for this class erroneously we are happy to provide a refund of $85. A $10 administrative fee will be held for processing.

    Click here to register

    About this class specifically: ACSP 803.345.2909 or email
    About online continuing education in general: SC State Board of cosmetology 803.896.4588