Online Continuing Education - Cosmetology and Nails

ACSP online classes are approved for 2019. We currently have one 6 hour Hair class available for Registered Cosmetologists and one 6 hour Nail Class available for Nail Technicians. We do not yet have online classes for Estheticians. The cost for a 6 hour course is $95 - for ACSP members and non-members.

You can complete this online class anytime. Once complete, generally providers have up to 10 days to submit your hours to USC for processing, however ACSP will submit completed online hours twice a week until the renewal deadline has passed. Our next batch of completions will go to USC on 2/25/19. You will receive an email when your hours have been submitted to USC. USC has UP TO 5 business days to process your hours. Hours are then uploaded to LLR by USC after processing. ACSP encourages anyone completing their hours this close to the renewal deadline to be prepared to mail in their renewal versus renewing online just in case your hours don’t show online by the March 9th deadline.

Online Renewal - Your hours HAVE to show in LLRs system by the Saturday, March 9th renewal deadline in order to renew online. Check often for verification of your hours and plan to mail in your renewal if you don’t see them. It is not uncommon for completed and verified hours to not populate the LLR system properly. If your hours don’t show up online you should plan to mail a copy of your certificate from USC with your renewal. Call USC at 803-777-9444 if you don’t get a certificate in the mail.
Mail Renewal - To mail in your license renewal it must be postmarked by March 9th in order to avoid a $100 late fee and reinstatement process.
Work Delay - CEU hours can be taken/completed anytime up until March 9th – however, you are not allowed to work until your new license is in hand. Processing could take another 10-14 days beyond the renewal deadline.

Questions? EMAIL

  • You may only take online classes for 6 of your 12 renewal hours
  • You must take all 6 hours with the same online provider
  • You can only take online classes with those online providers approved by the SC State Board of Cosmetology
  • All ACSP online classes will be submitted to USC for processing and you will receive a certificate from them — the same as you do for classroom classes.
  • If you register for this class erroneously we are happy to provide a refund of $85. A $10 administrative fee will be held for processing.

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    About this class specifically: ACSP 803.345.2909 or email
    About online continuing education in general: SC State Board of cosmetology 803.896.4588