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Be sure to read all the info below about online courses before registration!   ACSP online courses are approved for  2020.  In 2020, we have NEW courses for Hair, Nails & Esthetics available.  

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Online Continuing Education

 ACSP online courses are approved for  2020.  In 2020, we have NEW courses for Hair, Nails & Esthetics available.  

All courses are 6 hour of education (including the 3 hours of required Safety, Sanitation & Disinfection)

All courses cost $95/each.

All courses must be completed within 14 days of registration.  If you register at 9 AM on Monday the class expires at 9 AM in 14 days.  You can log in and out during this time. 

2020 Cosmetology (HAIR) Courses - three to choose from!

1. Branding & Bro-Maintenance - Learn the current trends with Men’s Cuts and how to best brand your business. Ever wonder why business logos are the way they are? Join us for a little personal branding to go along with some men’s hair cutting – including texture and fade. 

2.  Color Me in Hair & Makeup  -  Add some color to your life! This course will help professionals discover ways to add color to their work in hair and makeup for day or night. It will also cover how to help clients who suffer from hair loss.

3. C.R.E.A.T.E. -   Join us for a fun filled class of (C) Cut & Color, (R) Rules & Regulations, (E) Extracting of color, (A) Art & nails, (T) Total look and (E) Express weave. 

2020 Nail Technician (NAILS) Course

Nail Enhancement & Branding Your Business -  This course will educate the licensee on how to brand their business as well as the latest trends in nails – including current nail art and enhancements and manicures.

2020 Esthetics Course

Up Close & Personal -NOTE: EXPLICIT CONTENT -  Learn how to perfect your personal brand as well as the latest makeup trends. This course also covers Brazilian waxing for men and women.   Course participants will view exactly what they would see in a real life Brazilian wax situation

When will my hours show up on the LLR website?  Once complete, providers have up to 10 business days to submit your hours to USC for processing. USC has up to 5 business days to process your hours. Hours are then uploaded to LLR by USC after processing.  You will receive a certificate in the mail for this class - just like the in-person classes.  Be sure to hold on to your certificate as proof of your completion!  USC charges for replacement certificates. 

Do I have to complete the course all at once?  ACSP's class must be completed within 14 days of registration, however, you may log in and out during that 14 day period.  You do not have to complete class all at one sitting. 

Can I take all 12 required hours online?  No, you may only take 6 of your 12 required hours online. 


Technical Assistance after enrollment/Enrollment Issues: 612-636-6668
About this class specifically:  Call ACSP 803.345.2909 or email
About online continuing education in general: SC State Board of cosmetology 803.896.4588


If you register for this class erroneously we are happy to provide a refund of $85. A $10 administrative fee will be held for processing.

Don't take our word for it...see what students have to say about our class!

This course was absolutely awesome, I've learned a lot!

The overall experience was great. This was my first time doing an online class and I was really impressed!  

This course was very engaging and informative. I gained a lot of knowledgeable information that I will/can use in my professional career as a cosmetologist.

This was a great course for me even with being in the industry using my license, this cleared up answers for me that have changed over the last couple of years. Would highly recommend this course for newly licensed cosmetologist, nail tech, etc. Thanks!

I like the way this course was operated. I took another online course, it was not organized at all. It didn't ask me for my license number or anything.  I had to send several emails and calls to see how I was going to be given my hours. I didn't receive a response in time, that's why I choose your class. Wish I had selected your class in the beginning. Your class was very organized, user friendly, timed, educational, interesting, just well put together. I thank you. 

I liked being able to take my time watching the presented materials and videos without interruptions.

I found the material very useful, and more informative than previous online courses taken The course was really good! Really easy to access and easy to follow through the entire course.